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Leadership Fitness: Five Truths to Greater Influence by Dr. Justin Hardcastle

Leadership Fitness: Five Truths to Greater Influenceby Dr. Justin Hardcastle


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Welcome to Leadership Fitness: Five Truths to Greater Influence! This manuscript provides a balanced approach to leadership. These truths are developed from practical experience and academic research. Leadership Fitness provides leaders with a taste of who they can become through a holistic leadership approach. The Five Truths are practical and can be implemented in any leader and can benefit any organization. Those who commit to the study and implementation of the Five Truths can improve their influence. In Leadership Fitness, the Five Truths are illustrated through personal life stories, biblical events, and academic research to convince the reader of the importance and application of each truth. This manuscript will encourage leaders to become their best self through personal development. The first of the Five Truths brings together the idea that ‘Healthy Leaders Strive for Physical Fitness,’ promoting physical fitness to increase influence and leadership longevity. The second truth is ‘Discovering the Power of a Healthy Mind.’ When leaders learn, leaders grow, and they grow their followers. The third principal is ‘Developing Healthy Emotion.’ Leaders who focus on becoming emotionally healthy will not only have stronger leadership but can also work better with others. The fourth of the Five Truths provides insight into ‘Leading with Healthy Finances’ and it is in this chapter that leaders are advised to focus on their financial health so they can lead well and provide a greater societal impact. Finally, the Fifth Truth brings together the importance of bringing your whole self to leadership. ‘Spiritual Fitness Cannot Be Ignored’ is an attempt to convince leaders to discover and develop their spirituality. Altogether, these Five Truths become a source of both personal and professional holistic development.

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