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Dumped, Actually by Nick Spalding

Dumped, Actuallyby Nick Spalding


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From the bestselling author of Checking Out and Dry Hard comes a hilarious story about losing the love of your life, and finding yourself in the aftermath.

When Ollie Sweet is very publicly dumped by ‘The One’, his seemingly perfect world dissolves into misery, self-pity, and a bizarre rooftop meeting with a suicidal man in flip-flops. While most would seek out the support of loved ones at such a torrid time, natural-born journalist Ollie asks the subscribers of his website: how did they get over their failed relationships?

When Ollie follows some of their more extreme advice, chaos inevitably ensues, including accidentally exposing himself to some unsuspecting wildlife, jumping out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane, and suffering from an extremely painful bottom, courtesy of a maniacal Scotsman.

Of course, all of this goes down a storm with his online following, and Ollie soon finds himself the centre of everyone’s attention – whether he likes it or not!

With his eclectic collection of supporters to guide him, can Ollie mend his broken heart, heal his broken bottom, and learn to find happiness again?

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Grocery List

Grocery List


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– Create as many shopping lists as you want.
– Create, modify or delete articles supermarkets and once created.
– Copy, partially or totally, lists another supermarket minimizing typing new items..
– Enter amounts if desired..
– Set size and color of text and background..
– Use three types of lists.

Concertos Vol. I By Ernesto Cortazar

Concertos Vol. Iby Ernesto Cortazar


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Original Release Date: August 4, 2009
Label: Piano Drops Music & Publishing
Genres: International

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