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Wild Spring: A Coastal Caribbean Adventure (Tyson Wild Thriller Book 25) by Tripp Ellis

Wild Spring: A Coastal Caribbean Adventure (Tyson Wild Thriller Book 25)by Tripp Ellis


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A cold killing.
A mysterious death.
A brutal betrayal.

Spring Break just turned deadly.

When a liquor store owner is killed during a robbery, Tyson and his Navy buddy, JD, search for the perpetrator. But the duo soon realize there is more to this crime than meets the eye.

And that’s not the only curious death on the island.

As they struggle to unravel the truth, Tyson and JD end up ruffling more than a few feathers. Ruthless predators close in, and the duo have made powerful enemies.

JD’s band gets a great opportunity. Tyson searches for a new method of transportation. And a new acquaintance turns complicated.

It’s beer, bikinis, and ballistics as Tyson and JD attempt to bring their brand of justice to the Florida paradise.

“If you like books by Wayne Stinnett, Cap Daniels, Clive Cussler, and tropical adventures, you’ll love Tyson Wild.”

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