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As a standard daily presentation our staff will post information about free, $0.99 and bargain-priced ($1.00 to $5.99) Kindle Books as well as our Daily Deals and Pick of the Day.  Our employees have a knack for finding products from well-known artists and creators to more obscure or brand-new content providers.  Whenever there is a deal too good to resist, you can bet you’ll find it here on our highest ranking site.

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About HotZippy LLC:

HotZippy specializes in bringing readers and writers together.

How do we do this?

Authors visit our advertising hub (http://hotzippy.net/feature-your-book.html) or our support site (http://support.hotzippy.net) and select a promotional product that best suits their needs and marketing budget and then proceed through the process of submitting their eBook information to us.

Once we review their title, ensuring that the book meets a set of basic quality criteria and is a good fit for one or more of our websites and the reader communities which surround them, we then present the title to our site’s readers.  Nearly 100% of these titles are free or generously discounted!

If you’re a reader, here’s your chance to find hundreds of free and discounted eBooks every single month.  If you’re an author, you can review any of our sites to examine the types of books that are being offered so that you can choose the best HotZippy marketing platform for you and your book.

In the end, readers get books, authors get readers and we get the satisfaction of knowing no quality book needs to languish, hidden away or lost in obscurity when even a single soul might find in those electronic pages something to read again and again.  In our world, we want no author to go unread and no reader to be without great books to read.

Unlike many promotional eBook sites, we accept new writers and newly-released books that haven’t yet met a specific review quota; the eternal and frustrating gatekeeper that haunts not-yet-established wordsmiths.  After all, how does an author find readers to create those oh-so-necessary reviews if the author can’t get his or her book out to the readers?

Of course, not every title will qualify due to quality issues or other areas where for whatever reason we may need to decline a promotion, but we are looking for heart and soul more than a slew of follow-the-leader reviews … or worse, unethically obtained (ie; paid) positive reviews.

It’s all about the words and that special bond they create between the hearts and minds of the writer and his or her awaiting, unaware fans.  Let’s all work together to make sure everyone walks away happy, proud and fulfilled.

Thank you for visiting this HotZippy site!

Here’s to health, here’s to wealth, and may you never doubt yourself.

– All of us at HotZippy

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