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New Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy by Zuko Fleischer


Prepare for your baby’s birth and the life ahead by learning the things you will need to know. We’ll cover how to help your partner prepare and handle the changes she is going through! How to prepare for the birth and how to create a living space that is baby-proof!
There are effective strategies that can help you prepare for the birth of your newborn without relying on outdated parenting methods that bring more harm than good.

And you don’t need to enroll in any parenting course or spend money to learn these strategies.

All you need is the commitment to proper parenting, patience with your and your baby’s progress, and a practical guide to teaching you everything you need about improving your baby’s well-being.

Inside this essential book on preparing for the birth of your child, you’ll discover:
How to contribute to the birth of your newborn – and the different stages of labor and birthing options available, and what to expect through the nine months of pregnancy
Reasons why babies are always sick, and common illnesses and their treatment – including an overview of how to safely use and administer medicines to kids
How to create a baby’s healthy environment with proper safety devices – and tips on how to deal with picky eaters
Why babies need to get the right amount of sleep to help them grow – and baby sleep guidelines, along with tips for healthy sleep habits
Teamwork skills for you and your partner: problem-solving, conflict management, communication, support, and more
The benefits of preparing you hospital bag before the birth, and what it should contain. How to encourage your partner with physically active – plus, a list of easy indoor exercises for her
How to change, swaddle and take care of a new born baby – and what you can do to help them grow and thrive, and frequently asked questions

And much more…

Babies, particularly newborns, are an interesting bunch. They can be sweet and unruly, but when guided the proper way, they can develop solid foundations and skills they need for the future.

It’s time you see them grow-up into better and healthier children by prioritizing health, nutrition, fitness, and learning.

Discover effective parenting strategies to raise healthy and happy children.

Genre: Non Fiction

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