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Trip the Starlight Sarcastic by Bridget Hawley


A witty Belle-like wanderer meets murderous beasts. The locals can be like that. Welcome to Haell.

Troubled past? Check. Strictly avoiding interstellar travel for the foreseeable future? Check. Shrouded homeless human on an alien planet dodging draven dung and the occasional hawked loogie? Check.

Hi. The name’s Trick. A short female camped out on a brutal planet lying low with my secrets until suddenly I’m not. With a lethal librarian providing backup, I find myself investigating a series of abductions in the city of TreValla while gathering a motley group of allies, sentient murderous books, and an alluring enemy K’Vroken on the way.

When word spreads that ‘undesirable’ citizens are being targeted for their meager ability to harness mahdra, a magic that usually only the elite here on Haell can manipulate, I allow myself to become bait. I mean, as an avatar for the celestial stars themselves, brimming with a world-ending amount of mahdra, it seems fitting that a born reject like me sticks up for those whose voices go unheard. I may have just been remade for it.

Trip the Starlight Sarcastic is a full-length adult novel that focuses on fish-out-of-water hilarity and new-found families to navigate some darker themes that seem to plague Haell and Earth alike. Trigger warning: allusions to assault are made while a thwarted incident occurs later on in the book. That said, chaotic good reigns. Justice is satisfyingly graphic, swift, and quite funny. Adventure, slow-burn romance, and wonder abound, all under the contented feeling of finally being home. In a library. With living books.


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