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by Jadie Jones

Fantasy & Magic | Teen & Young Adult

Eighteen-year-old Tanzy Hightower knows horses, has grown up with them on Wildwood Farm. She also knows not to venture beyond the trees that line the pasture. Things happen out there that can’t be explained. Or undone. Worse, no one but she and the horses can see what lurks in the shadows of the woods.

When a moonlit ride turns into a terrifying chase, Tanzy is left to question everything, from the freak accident that killed her father to the very blood in her veins. Broken and confus…

THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
by D.M. Mitchell

Mystery Thriller & Suspense | Ghosts

150,000 downloads in the past 12 months alone.

With his acknowledged individual storytelling expertise, D. M. Mitchell pens yet another taut psychological thriller with a difference that twists and turns to its deliciously devious and unexpected conclusion. Discover for yourself why D. M. Mitchell is being hailed as one of the most exciting new writers of thriller and supernatural tales in the UK.

Frome reviews of The Soul Fixer|:

The entire story was gripping al…

A Prescription for Delirium (Van Helsing Organization)
by Noree Cosper

Horror | Dark Fantasy

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Praise for “A Prescription for Delirium”:
“I feel that Cosper has a vast understanding of the supernatural world, its history, and an imagination to alter it to her needs. That is a key strength of this novel. There are also a variety of horror elements in here from delusions to “real” horrific scenes battling demons. Cosper has established a series that will be on my to be read list for years to come.” -Rob Zimmermann @ A Life Among the Pages

Flower Power: Essences That Heal
by Seneca Schurbon

Health Fitness & Dieting | Alternative Medicine

Flower Power: Essences That Heal is a practical guide that reveals the power of flower essences to heal emotional imbalances in humans (and their pets!).

Flower essences can…

• Help you move past fears and self-limiting beliefs
• Help alleviate or eliminate trauma (including PTSD) and depression
• Propel you to achieve your goals
• Improve your relationships
• Diffuse stress, anxiety and anger…

Nowhere Like Home
by Jamie Alexander

Travel | Essays & Travelogues


“…an exceptional piece of travel literature. It has both the wit and wry observations of Twain but the deep political insight of Michael Palin.” — Scott Donald, Hungry Feet Media

“…by turns irritatingly funny and thought-provoking, often in the same paragraph.” — Linda Parkinson-Hardman, the Woman on the Edge of Reality

“Five stars” — BigAl’s Books and Pals


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IXEOS (The Ixeos Trilogy)
by Jennings Wright

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Adventure, Dystopian, Teens

The McClellands are enjoying a lazy summer vacation at the beach when they are lured from our world into Ixeos, an alternate Earth. Finding themselves lost in a maze of tunnels under Paris and surrounded by strangers, they discover that they have been brought to Ixeos for one purpose: to take the planet back from humanoid aliens who have claimed it. With the aid of the tunnels and a mysterious man named Landon, the teens travel the world seeking the key that will allow them to free Darian, the …

Valens Remembered – Prequel (Novella)
by Sherrel Lee

Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, World Literature, Mythology, Fairy Tales, Paranormal & Urban, Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering

Larinda is a shape-shifter, waiting to become a unicorn for the first time, but that day will bring more than she can imagine. She lost her parents to an automobile accident, now she discovers she lost so much more than she knew. Valens Remembered, a prequel to Valens Rise and Valens Revenge where the dark side of science is revealed….

Bridesmaid Lotto (McMaster the Disaster)
by Rachel Astor
USA Today Bestselling McMaster the Disaster series

Literature & Fiction, Chick-Lit, Contemporary Women, Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Fiction

Book 1 in the USA Today Bestselling McMaster the Disaster series.

Josephine McMaster is pretty and smart, but very much a klutzy mess. Finally, at 26, she may have actually lost the dreaded ‘McMaster the Disaster’ nickname that has followed her around her whole life.

Josie’s quite content to be single, much to her mother’s disappointment. So when a bizarre contest is announced where a socialite is holding a lottery to pick her bridesmaids (and rake in a little ex…

Not For Profit (The Dr. Scott James Thriller Series)
by Glenn Shepard

Literature & Fiction, Mystery Thriller & Suspense, Thrillers

“Slick and Intelligent, Not For Profit is a thrill ride of a debut that whisks the reader around the globe. I had a hard time putting it down.”
- Layton Green, Kindle Bestselling Author of The Dominic Grey Novels

“Not For Profit draws the reader in with terrifying details plotted with surgical accuracy. The surprises keep on coming, one barrage after the other.”
- Dr. Ross Pennie, Author of the award-winning Zol Szabo mystery series in which murder is contagious.

by Ike Hamill

Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Alien Invasion, Post-Apocalyptic

Channel Two predicted a blanket of snow for Thanksgiving weekend–unusual, but not alarming for the little Maine island. What comes is a blinding blizzard, and a mass disappearance of nearly every person Robby Pierce knows. He and his family flee, trying to escape the snow and the invisible forces stealing people right from the street.
Miles away, Brad Jenkins battles the same storm. Alone, he attempts to survive as snow envelops his house. When the storm breaks, Brad makes his way south to…

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