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Universal Principles of Design, Revised and Updated: 125 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, and Teach through Design by William Lidwell

Universal Principles of Design, Revised and Updated: 125 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, and Teach through Designby William Lidwell


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Whether a marketing campaign or a museum exhibit, a video game or a complex control system, the design we see is the culmination of many concepts and practices brought together from a variety of disciplines. Because no one can be an expert on everything, designers have always had to scramble to find the information and know-how required to make a design work—until now.

Universal Principles of Design, Revised and Updated is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia of design. Richly illustrated and easy to navigate, it pairs clear explanations of every design concept with visual examples of the concepts applied in practice. From the "80/20” rule to chunking, from baby-face bias to Occam’s razor, and from self-similarity to storytelling, every major design concept is defined and illustrated for readers to expand their knowledge.

This landmark reference will become the standard for designers, engineers, architects, and students who seek to broaden and improve their design expertise.

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textPlus Free Text + Calls for Android Phones, Tablets + Kindle Fire + Fire Phone

textPlus Free Text + Calls for Android Phones, Tablets + Kindle Fire + Fire Phone


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Always get Free Text / SMS to anyone in the US or Canada, cheap phone calls to any number in the world on your Android phone, tablet or Kindle Fire. Message and call other textPlus users for free. It’s your choice. Keeping in touch made simple, cheap and hassle free. textPlus — the downloadable alternative to expensive mobile phone plans.

textPlus is perfect for:
- Free Text / SMS to any US or Canadian mobile number
- More than just free SMS texting. Get cheap domestic calling and international calling
- Free Messaging and Free phone calls to the other 60 million textPlus users around the world. Best free messenger

textPlus also lets you do more:
- Turn your tablet and Kindle Fire into a phone
- Text message / SMS and call on your tablet, phone and WiFi device
- WiFi texting and calling
- Travel worry-free with cheap calling so you never have to deal with expensive international add-on plans or surprise bills.
- Text / SMS back to the US or Canada for free when traveling abroad
- Group texting / messaging
- Save tons of money on your mobile plan

Your Global Phone. Free & cheap phone calls anywhere in the world:
- Make HD-quality phone calls on WiFi. Always works on 3G or 4G connections, too
- Save up to 98% on international calling vs. major cell phone plans and other calling services
- No up-front costs, contracts or hidden fees

One textPlus account across all of your screens:
- Your textPlus inbox lives in the cloud, so your Texts / SMS and phone calls are always in sync no matter which device you’re on
- Phone calls and texting on any of your devices

*Hardware microphone or bluetooth support is required to make calls
*Enable push notifications to receive incoming calls. If push is not supported on the device, users may only make outgoing calls.

Uncaged by Zac Brown Band

Uncagedby Zac Brown Band


MP3 Album

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Album Information:

Original Release Date: July 6, 2012
Label: Southern Ground/Atlantic
Total Length: 44:02
Genres: Country

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Genre(s): Games
Rating: 4.7 – {1,086 Reviews}

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Blendoku is a puzzle game that will challenge your ability to distinguish and arrange colors. The game is based on actual color principles and exercises taught in art schools around the world. Blend your way to beating the world average, beating your personal best, or go for a perfect score for those perfectionists out there! Play through hundreds of levels with a wide gamut of difficulty (all free!). The game is perfect for kids and adults, casual users and experienced gamers alike. The game is a mix of sudoku, crossword puzzles, flow, and pantone all mix in one! — The new MUST HAVE game for all Mobile Devices — Players and critics are raving about this UNIQUE game! With over 70 MILLION games played and Rated 5 STARS all around the world! Get it now and see what everyone’s talking about!

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Fall Out Bird

Fall Out Bird
Genre(s): Games
Rating: 4.6 – {140 Reviews}

Price may change without notice! Due to international copyrights, not all titles will be free outside the United States.


Welcome to Fall Out Bird, the highly rated phenomenon charting across the globe! Over 50 million game plays in just the first week of launch! Praised in IGN, GameSpot, Rolling Stone, CNET and more!

** Not responsible for device repair costs or any psychiatric evaluations incurred as a result of playing this game! **

Fall Out Bird is not associated with the original game

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Genre(s): Utilities, Battery Savers
Rating: 4.5 – {562 Reviews}

Price may change without notice! Due to international copyrights, not all titles will be free outside the United States.


Battery indicates the battery charge level of your device.

Battery is a small, sleek and elegant app that will help you to follow the current battery percentage on your Android device.

With Battery, every time and everywhere you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web.

There is no other battery app with such intuitive, neat and gorgeous interface as Battery has. The UI of Battery is as simple as possible, but tremendously practical.

We will work constantly to improve Battery, adding in the very near future new features, like useful battery optimization tips, battery voltage, battery temperature and many, many more.


*Displays battery information in percent (%)
*Offers quality support for Android devices – from Android 1.5 to Android 4.0.3 Full support for all known screen resolutions
*Power source indicator
*The precise battery level is displayed in 1% increments
*Battery is incredibly lightweight!

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Coming Clean: A MemoirComing Clean: A Memoir by Kimberly Rae Miller

Genre(s): Biographies & Memoirs

Kim Miller is an immaculately put-together woman with a great career, a loving boyfriend, and a tidy apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. You would never guess that Kim grew up behind the closed doors of her family’s idyllic Long Island house, navigating between teetering stacks of aging newspapers, broken computers, and boxes upon boxes of unused junk festering in every room—the product of her father’s painful and unending struggle with hoarding.

In this moving coming-of-age story, Kim brings to life her rat-infested home, her childhood consumed by concealing her father’s shameful secret from friends, and the emotional burden that ultimately led to an attempt to take her own life. And in beautiful prose, Miller sheds light on her complicated yet loving relationship with her parents that has thrived in spite of the odds.

Coming Clean is a story about recognizing where we come from and the relationships that define us—and about finding peace in the homes we make for ourselves.

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Alarm ClockAlarm Clock

Genre(s): Utilities, Alarms & Clocks

Wake up to pleasant tunes and go to sleep to the relaxing sound of white noise with the gorgeous sleep timer, get your own collection of exclusive designer clocks, know weather conditions in your area, and light up the darkness with a powerful built-in flashlight!

Choose from stylish designer themes for the clock, create your own wake-up playlist, and enjoy the background alarm support: alarm will ring even if the app is not running.

Discover a beautiful way to tell time with My Alarm Clock

Why does the app ask permissions to access personal data?

CAMERA permission allows the app to use the LED camera light (the flashlight feature is available only on the devices with a built-in flash).
LOCATION permissions are needed to deliver consistent weather forecast.

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55 Top Hits - Workout Mixes 55 Top Hits – Workout Mixes by Power Music Workout

Genre(s): Dance & Electronic

From an Amazon Top Reviewer:
Just to give you an idea of my musical type… I listen to rock (disturbed, sliptknot, Korn) most of the time. However, I have found those albums to be less then desirable while running marathons. So I looked into some more upbeat music. I will tell you that I spent a few hours previewing diff albums for workout/running/etc, and they were all either too techno or to R&B, if that makes any sense. Most are more hip hop remixed, then R&B.

This album has songs that are catchy alone, and remixes them so they have a BPM of 125-140, perfect for long distant training. Although you would not catch me listening to them in my car, I absolutely love the songs while running. I can kinda sing/dance to them and take my mind off the pain!

Best one I found on Amazon for sure!! I loved 95% of the songs!

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How Winning Works: 8 Essential Leadership Lessons from the Toughest Teams on EarthHow Winning Works: 8 Essential Leadership Lessons from the Toughest Teams on Earth by Robyn Benincasa

Genre(s): Management & Leadership

Robyn Benincasa has made an art form of extreme performance by competing and winning at the highest levels of sport and business. In her fifteen-year career as a professional adventure racer, she has biked through jungles in Borneo, climbed Himalayan giants in Nepal, trekked across lava fields in Fiji, rafted rapids in Chile—and racked up multiple world championship titles along the way. In her spare time, she is a firefighter and a sought-after keynote speaker on the subject of teamwork and leadership.

In How Winning Works, Benincasa shows you how to climb to new levels of professional and personal success. She shares the eight essential elements of teamwork, learned through her extreme adventure racing, that create synergy with all the teammates in your life, from colleagues and customers to family members and friends:

Total Commitment
Empathy and Awareness
Adversity Management
Mutual Respect
“We” Thinking
Ownership of the Project
Relinquishment of Ego
Kinetic Leadership

This field guide to success shares the same training tools and exercises that have become wildly popular in the leadership seminars Benincasa gives to corporations, including Starbucks, Deloitte Consulting, 3M, Verizon, Nestlé, Boeing and many others. Stories from her adventure racing also illustrate how winning teams interact under the world’s most extreme conditions, from jungles to mountain peaks.

Whether you’re trying to beat the competition to market with a new product, scale a looming mountain of deadlines or simply get your kids to clean up their rooms, the advice in this book will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget, and coach you over the finish line to success.

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Speak For MeSpeak For Me

Genre(s): Utilities

Let the phone speak for you!

Enter any text, save it, and let the phone do the talk. The saved text can be edited and deleted.

Supported languages:
English (US)
English (UK)

Have fun!

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Songs About Jane Songs About Jane by Maroon 5

Genre(s): Pop

From an Amazon Top Reviewer:
SONGS ABOUT JANE is sure to become a classic pop/rock album.Released way back in the summer of 2002 its about time fans and radio stations alike have finally taken notice to this great album. The first single HARDER TO BREATHE, was just a tip of the iceberg and if you like variety, you have found the right album. The second single, THIS LOVE, blends pop, with rock and dance and is a song that you cant help singing and dancing along with. There are also ballads to choose from as well and I would look for either MUST GET OUT or SHE WILL BE LOVED to be possible single choices sometime in the near future.
Other standout tracks on the album include SUNDAY MORNING, THROUGH WITH YOU & THE SUN with each track on the album sounding distinctly differant.
There are definate R & B/funk influences all over this album and will all of the rap songs and R & B ballads taking over the pop charts these days, it is very refreshing to hear a group like Maroon 5 and songs like HARDER TO BREATHE and THIS LOVE getting significant play at radio.
Buy this album today and be prepared to sing and dance all day and make sure you catch them live when they come to a town near you.

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Hidden (A Bone Secrets Novel)Hidden (A Bone Secrets Novel) by Kendra Elliot

Genre(s): Romantic Suspense

Eleven years ago, the Co-ed Slayer murdered nine female students on the Oregon State University campus. Lacey Campbell barely escaped his attack, but lost her best friend whose remains were never found. As the sole surviving victim, Lacey helped send the sadistic serial killer to prison for life.

Now a forensic odontologist examining teeth and bones for the state Medical Examiner, Lacey is devastated when she arrives at a crime scene and identifies the skeletal remains as her college friend’s.

The remains are discovered on the land of ex-cop Jack Harper. Sparks fly between him and Lacey, even as they realize that the prosecution’s witnesses from a decade ago are now being murdered one by one. All the evidence points to the Co-ed Slayer as the culprit—only, he’s long since dead. So who’s the new killer? And is Lacey next in line to die?

Golden Heart finalist Kendra Elliot combines chilling suspense and steamy romance in a gripping tale, uniting in-depth forensic knowledge with a passion for thrillers. Set in the snowy winter of Oregon, Hidden creates spine-tingling chills.

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Advanced CalculatorAdvanced Calculator

Genre(s): Utilities, Calculators

G]et the award winning Advanced Calculator – Now 50% OFF! This easy to use essential application with Big and colorful buttons provides both basic and advanced functionality for all your daily calculations including basic math, figuring out a tip at dinner, or determining the log of cos 80. This app has bold colors and uses large numbers for easy calculations – features that will make it your go to app for all your calculations.

And if you want more math functions, the advanced mode provides access to common Trig and Geometry functions!

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Cherry Tree Cherry Tree by The National

Genre(s): Rock, Alternative Rock

From an Amazon Top Reviewer:
Cherry Tree has a very different feel from the most recent release ‘Alligator’. It is quieter, is full of violins and kind’ve brings back memories of Dire Straits ‘making moves’ on ‘All Dolled up In Straps’. With the exception of the last track on this EP all the other songs are very good with ‘Cherry Tree’ being the neatest and artiest song.

[sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="sws_btn_align_center" href="http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002QWH2HE/?tag=pixelscroll-20" target="_blank" label=" MP3 Album - $5.00" template="sws_btn_rosewood" textcolor="ffffff" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover="" glow=""]


FREE KINDLE FIRE APP PACK #1 – {03-29-2014}

Absolute Bingo

Absolute Bingo
Genre(s): Games
Rating: 4.3 – {2,048 Reviews}

Price may change without notice! Due to international copyrights, not all titles will be free outside the United States.


Looking for a fun bingo game to play during winter? Get the new and improved Absolute Bingo now for free!

Enjoy many hours of fun with this top rated version of a classic casino-style game. Absolute Bingo is a no-wait bingo game that has just been updated with better graphics, new rooms and additional bingo patterns!

Collect additional coins every four hours and complete achievements to get even more. See if you can win before all the bingos are called! With the right powerups, win Bingo instantly!

Absolute Bingo is one of the best looking and most exciting bingo games out there, and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Bingo. If you love lotto, bingo or instant style games you’ll love Absolute Bingo! Absolute Bingo is a fun and entertaining break from casino games or from state lotto games like Powerball or Mega Millions. Players familiar with games like Bingo Bash, Bingo Blitz or Bingo Seasons will love Absolute Bingo.

Keep playing Absolute Bingo even if you lose your internet connection! Play bingo online or offline – whenever you want, anywhere you want.

If you like Absolute Bingo, be sure to also check out Absolute Keno, Absolute Speed Bingo and Absolute Slots.

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Clean Master

Clean Master
Genre(s): Utilities
Rating: 4.7 – {2,265 Reviews}

Price may change without notice! Due to international copyrights, not all titles will be free outside the United States.


Most downloaded Android Cleaner and Ram Booster in the world from a top 10 global developer.

Over 50 million users, supporting 30 languages.
#1 Cache Cleaner App & Android Speed Booster in over 50 countries.
Featured by CNET, LA Times, The Boston Globe, XDA & much more.
#1 App in the Utilities category in the world.
Trusted by 50 million users and growing, Clean Master is the number 1 powerful memory booster and trash cleaner to increase the speed of your Android device.

Memory Boost/Task Killer – Boosting apps and games speed is much easier with Clean Master.
Clean – Delete those junk files (cache and residual) that take up valuable storage space
Clear – Protect your privacy by deleting personal information like your search and browser history
App Management – Move apps to an SD card, remove pre-installed apps and backup .apk files

“Apps on a phone gradually eat up memory and the life of your device as its cache fills up. To clean that out, the Clean Master app for Android devices finds the cached files generated by the apps that are hogging your storage, and it helps get rid of them.” – Los Angeles Times
“Android: If you’re running low on space on your Android device, Clean Master makes it easy to identify what’s hogging your storage, and helps you get rid of it.” – LifeHacker.com
“If you want to get your Android device clean and free of junk files, head on over to Clean Master.” – XDA-Developers.com

Over 50,000,000 people already installed Free Clean Master. Join them now see what it can do for you:

[Junk Files] – Clean Cache and Residual Files
On Android devices, cache and residual files can build up and occupy gigabytes of your phone’s space. Cleaning junk files can help free up memory on your device and SD card.

[Memory Boost] – Increase memory and speed up your device
Tasks running in the background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life. Memory Boost can stop other apps that are running in the background and free up more RAM to speed up your Android device. This includes a shortcut called “1 Tap Boost” and a 1*4 Boost Widget, easily accessible from your home screen. Running Android apps and play games faster ever than before!

[Privacy] – Delete History
Privacy is important and many of your apps silently record your personal data, such as your web browser data, Google search history, and more. Clean Master can erase this information and keep your personal data secure.

[App Manager] – Uninstaller, Backup, Move to SD
An uninstaller that is an improvement over the default Android version, which is also able to create backup .apk files. Some rooted users will also be able to move apps to their SD card as well as uninstall pre-installed and system apps.

[Widget] – Floating Widget
A fun widget that stays on your home screen and lets you know your current RAM situation. If you want to free up some ram, just drag the window to the center of your screen and watch the broom do its work.

[Overview] – Your phone at a glance
New for 4.0, now you can easily see an exact breakdown of your phone’s storage situation. Simple charts and statistics show you what file types are taking up space, allowing you to better plan your cleaning and storage strategy.

Forum: http://forum.ksmobile.com/
Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/106742377658392172082
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kscleanmaster
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kscleanmaster

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Word Wall - A fun and challenging word association game

Word Wall – A fun and challenging word association game
Genre(s): Games
Rating: 4.2 – {914 Reviews}

Price may change without notice! Due to international copyrights, not all titles will be free outside the United States.


Give your a brain a workout with this fun, addictive, and challenging word association game.

Be prepared to think outside of the box and associate words you normally wouldn’t connect.

If you love crossword, word search, word grid, or hangman, you will love this new word association game.

Frigid… Fiery.
Laugh… Giggle.
Apple… Sauce
Dog… Cat.
Surf… Wave.

Words can be antonyms.
Words can bs synonyms.
Words can be compound.
Words just have to be related!

Be careful though! A word can have multiple correct associations so you’ll have to get the right combination of matches to complete each wall puzzle and solve all 16 pairs of words.

Take your time and enjoy associating each word, or push yourself and get 3, 2 or 1 stars based on how fast you complete each puzzle!

Word Wall comes with 40 free wall puzzles, and you also have the option to buy more wall packs.


-Howard and Kyle (MochiBits)

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