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Sorry I Missed You: A Novel by Suzy Krause

Sorry I Missed You: A Novelby Suzy Krause


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A poignant and heartwarming novel about friendship, ghosting, and searching for answers to life’s mysteries.

When Mackenzie, Sunna, and Maude move into a converted rental house, they are strangers with only one thing in common–important people in their lives have “ghosted” them. Mackenzie’s sister, Sunna’s best friend, and Maude’s fiancé–all gone with no explanation.

So when a mangled, near-indecipherable letter arrives in their shared mailbox–hinting at long-awaited answers–each tenant assumes it’s for her. The mismatched trio decides to stake out the coffee shop named in the letter–the only clue they have–and in the process, a bizarre kinship forms. But the more they learn about each other, the more questions (and suspicions) they begin to have. All the while, creepy sounds and strange happenings around the property suggest that the ghosts from their pasts might not be all that’s haunting them…

Will any of the housemates find the closure they are looking for? Or are some doors meant to remain closed?

Quirky, humorous, and utterly original, Sorry I Missed You is the perfect read for anyone who has ever felt haunted by their past (or by anything else).

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How It Works

How It Works


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How it Works is about how the stuff that makes the world go ’round. It’s truly incredible to see the ingenious lengths people go to in order to extract rubber and iron, corn and wheat, and water and salt from the earth.

Equally amazing is the number of different and varied products that can be derived from something so fundamental. Follow the incredible journey of these goods from the ground to your dinner table, car, closet, medicine cabinet and places you may have never imagined.

It has amazing videos of how the stuffs are made and how it works in the world.

Dancehall Royalty By Vybz Kartel

Dancehall Royaltyby Vybz Kartel


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Original Release Date: January 8, 2021
Label: Short Boss Muzik/Vybz Kartel Muzik
Genres: International

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