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A Conclusive Parallel (Max Stevens Book 3) by Simon. A. Gallimore


A man on a mission to save his brother and pay back the people who locked him up must decide the best way to manage his quest. Then there are the trust issues. Is anyone trustworthy, and can the man finally put a face to a murderer and a name to his potential executioner?

Against his own personal wishes and better judgement, Max Stevens returns in this novella, A Conclusive Parallel. Another time travelling adventure, complete with a healthy portion of espionage and double-crosses.

Danger always lurks near Max Stevens. Who can he trust? Can what he sees actually be the truth? Does the past present a paradox of the future, and can anything ever really change? Could time exist in differing directions? Once more, Max Stevens is thrown into his destiny. And no one will know the outcome.

Contains some adult themes.

Deal End Date: 2023-01-13

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