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A MidLife Shifter’s Dream by Ruby Raine


I’m a forty-four-year-old workaholic writer of paranormal romance whose love life happens on the pages of the books I write. Okay, so my mid-life isn’t rocking the settled down, happily ever after life I’d expected. And if that’s not pathetic enough, things just went from bleak to tragic as my mother died, quite unexpectedly.

Her death has left me truly alone in the world. No siblings. No aunts or uncles. No more blood relatives. Just middle-aged me hiding out in my Boston studio while life passes by my apartment window, and I watch from the safety of my sofa and pajamas sucking down my favorite whisky and takeout.

My mother also left me everything she owned—which I had believed was just her rustic cabin in middle-of-nowhere northern Maine. But I’m about to find out the mother who barely understood how to use a cell phone had a second, hidden life… in which, I inherit a murder mystery, supernatural secrets, and a magical destiny I knew nothing about!

After forty-four years of living in the world, it’s a suddenly wondrous, unfamiliar, and frightening place. But I think the scariest thing of all is the steamy ride down memory lane with the local lumberjack who’s sworn to protect me, but who long ago broke my heart.

I’ve never gotten over that rejection but even after all these years, working with him to solve a murder has my dormant, underused, and drying up hormones blooming to life again and I know the true thing I need protection from isn’t my mother’s inherited secret life, but from the unwittingly seductive Silas King.

The Wolves of Loon Lake Trilogy:

Paranormal Women’s Fiction – Spicy Witch Mystery Romance

Volume 1: A Midlife Shifter’s Dream

Volume 2: Midlife’s a Witch

Volume 3: Go Ahead, Magic My Midlife

Deal End Date: 2023-04-03

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