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A Murder on the Border by Billy Wittenberg


A naive teen girl meets the perfect man. She dreams of a family of her own. What she finds is murder and a fight for her life.

Maria is a teenager living in a catholic orphanage. She’s about to age out and is looking at an impoverished life on the streets of Nuevo Laredo.

Victor seems the perfect match to spare her a life of hardship. He’s young and dashing and owns his own business. She falls in love in a whirlwind romance. Soon she’s pregnant with their child.

But Victor is not the man she thinks he is.

What follows is a desperate flight across the border to save herself and her unborn child. Victor becomes obsessed with finding his lost son. He tracks her movements, leaving death in his wake. When he finds her, she is forced to make a choice.

Give up the only family she’s ever known?

Or stand and fight?

A Murder on the Border is the first novel in a thriller series that spans decades. If you like compelling characters, pulse-pounding suspense, and deadly twists of fate, you’ll love Billy Wittenberg’s debut novel.

Pick up A Murder on the Border and start this new thriller series today!

Deal End Date: 2023-01-28

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