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A Paradox in the Past by Simon. A. Gallimore


A Paradox in the Past

A dead man, murdered by the government, re-emerges from the future as an android, a replica in every sense and detail, and then some. His sense of injustice is only tempered by his need to be meticulous and make no mistakes on his mission.

His reason to travel back in time is to try and prevent his brother’s murder in the twenty-first century. To do this, he must takeout the person history shows to have committed this dastardly and treacherous act. But does history really tell the truth, or is it only one side of the coin?

But will this be enough to achieve his aims? Can he hope to succeed, or will his efforts be in vain? Could the whole situation create a paradox?

In part two, Max Stevens returns in this novella. He is a man on a mission who will do whatever it takes to repair history or alter its outcome. Or at least he will die while trying in this futuristic time travel twister. The story carries on from the first novella—The Eighth Floor Parallax. This is, A Paradox in the Past (Max Stevens book 2)

Deal End Date: 2023-04-12

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