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Apocalypse by Matt Pike


“An intense story set in a terrible, apocalyptic world. A bronze medal winner and highly recommended.”
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

With the launch of The Parade series coming in 2023, go back to where the award-winning Apocalypse Survivors universe began.

Easy-going teen Jack Baldwin turns prepper when he is one of the first to find out a comet is destined to all but destroy life on Earth as we know it.

After surviving the horrors of an impact event so brutal it wipes out the majority of Earth’s population, Jack soon finds out the real battle for survival has only just begun.

As dark clouds of destruction sweep the Earth, food supplies run low, society falls apart and utilities break down, the survivors soon turn on each other. If Jack is going to stay alive he’ll need to use his resources and resourcefulness to reinvent himself as a true survivor.

A gripping survival tale told in diary format.

BRONZE MEDAL: Young Adult Fiction, 2015 Global Ebook Awards, US
BRONZE MEDAL: Books for Teenagers (voted by teenagers), 2015 Wishing Shelf Book Awards, UK
“Pike’s take on how an apocalypse could happen is fresh and unique, even if it is utterly terrifying”
Underground Book Reviews
“An interesting and thought-provoking twist on armageddon fiction”
Michael Owen-Brown
“Pike manages to capture the essence of a teenager, coupled with the devastation and effects of losing so much, so quickly. He clearly researched all the details, and this a believable tale of death and destruction.”

Deal End Date: 2023-05-02

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