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Babe, Our Floppy-Eared Bunny by Jane Chanaca


If you want your special young person exposed to nurturing literature, you will love this humorous and sweet story, “Babe, Our Floppy-Eared Bunny,” that teaches the value of patience and loving-kindness.

In this heartwarming story, your young person will learn about patience, caring, kindness, and a love for God’s creation through animals.

This beautifully illustrated children’s story, “Babe, Our Floppy-Eared Bunny,” is about a baby bunny that comes to us as a gift from Uncle Joel.

You will be entertained by the true funny antics Babe shows us and the unusual way he works his way into our hearts. Anyone who loves animals/pets will enjoy this heartwarming story. All of the ‘bunny antics’ are true.

The MJChanacapublishing “Family Values Series” of books contains wholesome stories that often teach moral and ethical values so necessary in our society today.

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