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BLACKLISTED by Bret Meanor


Earl Meanor was Blacklisted and saw his world fall apart because a small group of tight knit men at General Electric and the Knolls Atomic Power Lab decided to ruin him. This is the true story of a man who never gave up and made sure his family came first. You need to read this book! Earl Meanor was blacklisted just because a few people decided they did not like him and were determined to hurt him and mess up his life. This story tells you about the blacklist and the other terrible things that happened to him. The stealing of an invention, trouble over taxes and a car wreck and more. Throughout all of this Earl Meanor kept his family together through the most challenging times. He was a man of character and integrity and deserves recognition for the kind of man that he was. With mom at his side, he raised a family and never gave up. You will be inspired and motivated by this book to fight on no matter what the challenge. You too will decide to never give up!

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Deal End Date: 2022-12-08

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