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Dutch Oven Cookbook by The Royal Academy


Are you looking to bring new excitement to the table for your family and friends? Have your classic BBQ nights become boring? Do you enjoy outdoor activities?


Then the “Dutch Oven Cookbook” is perfect for you.

The Dutch Oven is undoubtedly the most versatile pot in your kitchen! This book reveals all the techniques and secrets to using your 100% Dutch Oven. Create amazing, easy and delicious meals with your most versatile kitchen tool.

Make the most of your Dutch oven with classic and creative recipes: from hearty dishes to sweet desserts, soups to stews or the perfect roast. All in one pot.

In the Dutch Oven Cookbook you will find:

  • the history of the Dutch Oven
  • Tips for beginners
  • the different models, sizes and various usage methods
  • Usage, care & maintenance
  • about 401 recipes for meat, stews, skillet cooking, soups, broths and desserts
  • Safety precautions and useful accessories
  • and much more…

All recipes are provided with a detailed list of ingredients, number of servings, preparation and cooking times, as well as an easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

Are you ready to create outdoor recipes that will surprise everyone?

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