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Emotional intelligence is the foundation of a happy and successful life. Our kids and teens have to understand and manage emotions, not suppress, hide, or let them burst out. How do we deal with feelings skillfully, live through them, receiving the vital message any emotion brings us?

We have created a visual guide to emotional intelligence that teaches teens in a unique, precise manner. It’s like a graphic nonfiction novel or an encyclopedia of the emotional self.

EMOTIONS FOR TEENS AND TWEENS is the 1st visual book on emotional intelligence for tweens and teens told through infographics.

This book for teens is packed with essential knowledge about feelings and emotions for teens. While applying the scientifically proven visual learning method, it answers crucial questions about emotional intelligence in a way that is accessible and easy to digest.

How do we recognize and distinguish emotions? It’s not so easy even for adults, huh? What should you do with your feelings? How can you share them skillfully? How do you deal with the feelings of other people? What about expressing anger? Where can you find sources of happiness and joy? What is self-love, and how do you generate it?

EMOTIONS FOR TEENS AND TWEENS is a comprehensive visual guide to emotions and feelings containing 37 topics on 104 pages with no fluff or filler language.

As always, fewer words – more meaning!

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