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Exile by Jay Aspen


In the aftermath of a deadly invasion, Samaran is a land in turmoil.

Bandits prey on cities and farmsteads, corsairs prowl the high seas.

Ariel has earned her place with the elite Mage-warriors of the Eldrin, sworn to protect King and country––but power comes with a cost. The Elementals who can bestow dragonfire and ice-skills are wild and unpredictable, focused on their own long-term goals.

But now the sinister power behind the war is once more taking shape and form, the strength and skill of the Eldrin will be needed to lead the resistance.

For Ariel, life has become complicated. Visions of the distant threat haunt her dreams, her sister treads a precarious path as royal concubine and bodyguard, her Elemental ally seems to have gone rogue––and the love of her life has ended their relationship.

If only she can control the wild power inside her to defeat the raiders…

Then maybe she can protect her sister from the schemes of influential conspirators––and maybe even persuade Marin they can be reunited when the fighting is over…

Elf, dragon, wolf, and a mysterious Mage-warrior weave a dangerous path in this fantasy adventure-romance epic from Jay Aspen.

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Deal End Date: 2023-03-18

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