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Missing girls, no one missed. A small town with big secrets.

The snow was coming down hard now, but she couldn’t feel it on her cheeks, her face frozen. She was thirsty and tried to scoop some up to put in her mouth, but her hands no longer seemed to work and her arms would not move. Rest. She needed to rest. Just for a moment.
Durant lay back and closed her eyes, and the snow began to cover her, a blanket too cold to help, but there was no energy left to fight the fatigue.
The last thing she was aware of was an approaching sound, something she had heard before in the night—the howling of wolves.

Special Agent Don Trask was sent to a prairie town in western Minnesota to confirm what he already knew, the dead girl found by the snowmobile trail was the daughter of a powerful Minnesota politician. Any agent could have done it, but his boss wanted to put on a good show and send the head of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Trask fully expected to make a brief statement to the press and head back to St. Paul, but that didn’t happen.
Not when someone tried to kill him.

The Trask Brothers are back in the latest installment of the highly rated murder mystery series.

Readers of Sanford, Connelly, Patterson, Child and alike will enjoy this gripping and fast-paced murder mystery detective thriller.

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Deal End Date: 2023-02-06

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