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Re-Alliance by S. Andrea Milne


I thought if I laid low in my little café and bakery, the Government would forget about all the wicked potions and wards I used to create for them. Damn, was I ever wrong.
With the region on the brink of a second civil war in a decade, neutrality is no longer an option. I must choose between returning to the life I’ve tried so hard to put behind me or taking a stand to protect nonmagical humans and Government dissenters—the very people I used to hunt down.

Soon, I’m on the run, delivering secrets I never wanted to know, with a partner who burns with the power of the sun. Though the smell of his magic makes me want to vomit—even when he uses it to save our hides—I have no one else to rely on.

If we fail, I’ll be forced into servitude, brewing potions that will result in destruction and death. If we succeed, the lives of innocent nonmagicals will be saved, but there might already be too much tarnish on my soul for me to truly find redemption for my past.

Deal End Date: 2023-04-10

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