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Rebel Pirate (Rebel Slave Saga Book 2) by Richard Davis

It was the greatest armada the world had ever seen. Its sole mission: Kill Charles Raptor.
First they enslaved him. Then they killed his family. Now, Raptor has turned pirate, bent on revenge against an evil regime.
Stung by his raids, they offer an amnesty. A full pardon. If only he will bend the knee.
Raptor spits in their face.
They dread the man. But they fear his legend more. Every day, Raptor inspires men everywhere to rise up against an anti-human empire.
An armada is raised. A hundreds ships. A thousand guns. Ten thousand mercenaries. Commanded by a ruthless monster known only as “The Shark.”
And the chase is on. From the treacherous waters of the Turquoise Isles to the polar ice floes, the armada will hound Raptor to the ends of the earth. There will be smoke on the water—and blood on the ice.
In the end, Raptor will be forced to choose. Submit, and lose his soul. Resist, and watch his eccentric pirate republic, the new family he has come to love, be destroyed.
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Deal End Date: 2023-05-03

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