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Shadow Life Magic by E.A. Mason


I never thought my unusual magical powers were anything special. I was wrong.

London. A city where anyone with magic in their blood is hated and shunned, where to stay safe it’s best to keep your abilities firmly hidden. That’s what I’ve always done, and it’s allowed me and my young sister to live a normal life — until tonight.

Tonight I’ve discovered I’m being hunted by a clan of vampires. They want to unleash an ancient terror on the city, and for some reason they need my magic to help them do it.

So a normal life is off the table. Instead I’m going to have to team up with a secretive group of mages, embrace the truth about my abilities, and fight to save everyone who calls London home.

But when the rising darkness is so unimaginably powerful, what chance is there of stopping all hell from breaking loose?

Enjoy this fun, fast-paced urban fantasy adventure, packed with action and mystery.

If you like stories with a strong heroine, humor, heart, and a touch of slow-burn romance, check out Shadow Life Magic, the first book in a new and addictive urban fantasy series.


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