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Studying Scarlet by Craig Stephen Copland


She came to England in search of her estranged husband.

Two weeks later, the three men she had asked to help her find him had all been murdered.


Now she comes to 221B Baker Street, asking for the services of England’s only consulting detective.

“Madam,” said Sherlock Holmes, “those men were not murdered because of their connection to your husband. They had a much more immediate connection. To you.”

She paled. “I … I lead them to their death.”

“I fear so,” said Holmes. “And you have placed yourself and those who are with you at risk of the same fate. Come now, we have to find your husband.”

Together Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and his new-found colleagues must not only find the missing man, they must race across England before an event takes place that could lead to the collapse of the British Empire.
The game is afoot. Get the book and find out what happens. Buy it now and enjoy MORE SHERLOCK.

The beautiful mature woman from The South may remind readers of Scarlet O’Hara and her long-lost husband may remind readers of Rhett Butler. For copyright reasons, they cannot actually be them. However, if you are a fan not only of Sherlock Holmes but also of Gone with the Wind, you will enjoy this rollicking new adventure, first in this best-selling series of new Sherlock Holmes stories.

Craig Stephen Copland is a dedicated Sherlockian who is on a quest to write a New Sherlock Holmes Mystery as a tribute to each of the sixty original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Deal End Date: 2023-06-09

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