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The Girl Who Broke Free by Tikiri Herath


What would you do if your own family betrays you in the worst way?

Asha Kade is thrilled to get a cake order for a swanky party in upscale Manhattan. A young girl is celebrating her sweet sixteenth in a lavish affair.

But five days before the party, the birthday girl vanishes without a trace. The family is cagey. No one is talking.

When an unknown source sends a sinister SOS to the bakery, Asha realizes the girl is in grave danger.

Is this a ruse?

Is anyone in this family telling the truth?

Asha’s determined to unscramble the devious lies before the unthinkable happens.

Following a clue, she searches for the girl in a dark, abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of the city. That’s when she learns the chilling truth.

The target is on her back too. The hunter has become the hunted….

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Deal End Date: 2023-03-04

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