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The Mars Migration by Wayne M. Bailey


“A thrilling and imaginative science fiction novel that is sure to capture the reader’s attention.”


In 2019, two mysterious spheres crash-land on Earth—one in a small town in the UK, and the other in Manitoba, Canada.
Everything and everyone in a twenty-mile proximity of the spheres is suddenly frozen in time due to some sort of protective anomaly, leaving over a thousand square miles in the UK and Canada simply cut off from the rest of the world.
Governments on both sides of the pond have no clue as to the nature of these huge anomalies or who is responsible for them. Soon, a race ensues around the clock to try to figure out what they are and how to free the people trapped inside.
Meanwhile, one young woman in Canada, Amber, and one young man in the UK, Daniel, are seemingly the only ones unaffected inside the anomalies. They are inexplicably drawn to the spheres, passing their frozen family and friends along the way.

As they approach, they are transported into the future to an advanced civilization living on a strange dark world inside a black hole.

When the leaders on this alien planet tell Amber and Daniel they will not be returned home, they must either accept their new life willingly or risk being imprisoned forever—until another race inside the volatile Dark Space system reaches out to them with another option. Together, the two must decide whether they will risk their lives in exchange for a small chance to get back home.

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