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12 Universal Skills by Multiple Authors


The most valuable skills at work are often untaught and unspoken. But they are key to a successful career.

Also known as job skills, career skills, or soft skills, these skills are typically learned along the way through trial and error. Some are taught as part of leadership training courses, talent, or mentorship programs. Others are only taught after we needed them – for example, after a burnout.

But there is no reason why anyone should start their career without these skills.

Written with career starters in mind – but applicable to everybody – 12 Universal Skills demystifies the twelve most important skills into practical “how-to” advice. Some skills are common sense, while others are advanced skills that many/most people struggle with – even well into their careers.

Based on a lifetime of real-world, hard-won experience, and backed by extensive research and conversations with leadership experts, this is the ultimate guide for entering work life. Or for catching up if you didn’t get it right from the beginning.

Note: Purchase of the book includes unlimited access to more than 30 downloadable tools and templates to enhance your self-reflection and learning.

Genre: Non Fiction

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