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All are Free to Write by Sheila Allee


Have you ever told yourself someday you’re going to do some writing? Someday you’re going to put down on paper the stories of your life? Someday you’re going to start journaling as a pathway to personal growth? That “someday” has arrived. All are Free to Write is a one-year journal designed to get you thinking about your life and recording your thoughts.This volume is designed to correspond with the holidays and special events of the 52-week calendar.

Each writing prompt was once a blog post on Sheila Allee’s Free to Write newsletter, which launched in 2016. FTW began and continues to be a support and hopefully an inspiration to those who want to develop a journaling practice.

Journaling has been proven to improve your health and sense of well-being. It can help you gain perspective on conflicts and problems and can be a tool for personal growth and healing.

The good news is you can’t do it wrong. Happy journaling!

Genre: Non Fiction

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