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Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Tickling by Duncan Taub


his book describes the role of tickling in the lives of over 2,000 women from all over the world. It compares different regions of the world (and even different personality types) for how ticklish women are, how often they are tickled, how much they like tickling, and who does the tickling. Obviously, tickling has been on balance a good thing or we would not have evolved to be ticklish. Unfortunately, it can also be unpleasant, unwanted, or abusive.

Why read this book.
It is the best book about tickling that has been written. Since it’s the only book about tickling, that’s not a big claim, but it is a good book.
It makes you think about why tickling evolved and what good it may do.
The information is interesting and socially important.
It provides fodder for book groups and informal conversations.

Genre: Non Fiction

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