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Courage in the Mountain Wilderness by Misty M. Beller


Keeping her son safe on this epic journey may be harder than she imagined.

Otskai never wished her husband dead, but her new-found freedom—something she’s never been allowed—brings a relief she willingly embraces. Even her two-year-old son’s penchant for danger doesn’t daunt her. When she’s asked to join the group sent to bring back her runaway cousin, how can she refuse? Yet their journey is more dangerous than she—and her son—are prepared for.

Caleb Jackson has embraced the mission the Nez Perce Chief sent him and his friends on. With his past shadowed in failure, maybe he can find new purpose for his future somewhere in these wild Montana mountains. When Otskai joins the group, he’s more than willing to help with her feisty toddler, especially when the boy looks at Caleb with such unbridled adoration. Oksai is another matter. Even as her resilience and quiet beauty weave into Caleb’s heart, she’s determined to push him away.

But no journey into the wilderness comes without cost. When their perils escalate, Otskai must face her worst fears and decide if independence is worth the price—and heartache—for both her and her son.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes another epic trek through breathless landscapes and adventure so intense, no one will never be the same.

Genre: Non Fiction

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