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CRAZY FOR YOU by Jane Fenton


Kate would feel silly for having a crush on a fictional pirate—if he wasn’t standing right in front of her.

After discovering that her long-term boyfriend has been cheating on her, psychologist Dr. Kate Barnes decides she’s still going on their romantic Bahamas getaway—alone. Her vacation takes a turn for the weird when an eccentric bookstore owner insists Kate purchase Pirate’s Treasure, claiming it’s the perfect book for her. The more she reads, the harder it is to separate fiction from reality, especially when the devastatingly handsome Captain Blackjack swoops into her life to save her from ruffians at a bar.

As they grow closer, the similarities between the book and Kate’s real life become more pronounced. When the arrival of a puzzle-box from one of Kate’s patients launches her into a mystery that seems like it was pulled straight from the pages of Pirate’s Treasure, Kate starts to wonder if her sanity is leaving her, too.

But when bullets start flying, the book may be Kate’s only clue to solving the puzzle box—and saving her life.

Genre: Non Fiction

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