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For thousands of years, Satan has been marshalling his forces, launching systematic attacks on the sons of Adam. He has launched his barrages against believers and unbelievers alike. For Christians, there is an advantage when facing the evil onslaughts. The Bible details the devil’s methods and tactics. Paul says in II Corinthians chapter two that we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices. We have seen him act to steal God’s word from hearts, to twist God’s word in false teaching, and to sow doubt. We have heard his favorite lies and accusations, we have observed him engendering fear, and we have witnessed him sowing tares among the wheat. But too many followers of Jesus Christ remain unaware of the varied ways that Satan weakens, blinds and sickens them. In this book, many of his modes of attack are laid out, with the goal that believers will be more thoroughly fortified against the father of lies.

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Deal End Date: 2023-10-11

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