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How to Find Land for Tiny House Living by Jordan Liberata


Exactly how to find land for your tiny house, correctly budget, and navigate zoning and code, even if you have no experience…

Many beginners in the tiny house world think that living in a tiny house revolves mainly around, well, the house itself. And this makes total sense at first glance, but it is not the reality!

A recent survey of aspiring tiny house owners found that issues related to land and financials accounted for the #1 and #2 largest hurdles to turning the tiny house dream into a reality, with over 50% of respondents ranking these issues as their most significant challenge.

You may have already discovered these challenges for yourself and feel stuck in moving forward.

Maybe you are just beginning, but have a hunch that finding land and building to code is an important first step (hint: that hunch is correct).

Maybe you are struggling to understand how much the tiny house project will truly cost.

Maybe you have already done a lot of research but just need some help with some specific topics.

Maybe you are just so confused by the long list of things to do that you are considering giving up entirely.

If you are in any of these situations, this book is for you. In this book, you will uncover the secrets of tiny house land searching through the following:

How to find land that nobody else knows about

The 6 most common misconceptions that lead people to make rash decisions

How to analyze land and approach zoning as if you were a seasoned real estate professional

The mindset needed to be successful with your tiny house real estate search and subsequent project

An in-depth walkthrough of the building code process and how it applies to your tiny house

A breakdown of financing options to turn the unaffordable into the affordable

A detailed breakdown of what goes into a tiny house budget, revealing all of the hidden costs and risks you probably haven’t considered

This book condenses the critical complexities of tiny house living into a holistic how-to guide.

Through a combination of in-depth research, personal stories, and advice from experts in all corners of the industry, this book provides something that has never been done before: it gives you the tools needed to overcome the most difficult (and least discussed) obstacles to tiny house living by actually unpacking the vast topics of land and money, so clear that even a complete beginner could do it.

If you want to finally find your perfect parcel of land and figure out how to properly fund living on it, buy this book now!

Genre: Non Fiction