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Lipstick, Life & Motorcycles by Jack Monig


An epic motorcycle ride through 15 countries took Jack Monig across as many internal as political borders. Hurled headfirst into a career block, she decided at middle age to go full throttle on an adventure of self-discovery while circumnavigating the globe in four months. This book shares the wisdom you can only get by crossing 37,350 kilometers by bike as the only woman in a group of male riders.

Jack discovered 30 days before departure, as she managed to raise the money for the trip and organize a hundred other things, she hadn’t needed anti-depressants, but inspiration. This book guides readers through the insights she learned including the Universal Laws as expressed through Ho’Oponopono spirituality. These insights were her guide to personal freedom and are now a gift to others searching for theirs.

Genre: Non Fiction

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