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Medicinal Plants by Jeff Robson


Handpicked Medicinal Plants that have been used for centuries
Medicinal Plants has been used centuries and eons ago, as long as man have traversed the earth. Many of these medicinal plants have been written down in early literatures, or passed down from generations to generations. Many of these medicinal plants have been used in old and traditional healing practices like the Ayurvedic medicine of India, Chinese Herbal medicines of China to the Shamans of North America’s Native Indians and many other cultures of the world. In fact, current pharmaceutical drugs are derivatives of the active compounds found in these medicinal plants.

So, what are you getting from this book on “Medicinal Plants””The Ultimate Guide to Medical Plants that Heal?” Although this book does not list exhaustively the many and various medicinal plants in the world””because such a feat would mean hundreds of pages which I doubt you would even have the patience to read! So, what I did in this book is to handpick from the hundreds of medicinal plants that would be useful in your household. This means that you can arm yourself with this book whenever you or any household member of yours is sick. So, here is a quick list of what you will gain with this book:

The medicinal plants that are found in this book can treat a wide range of common ailments from flu, coughs, fever, pain, itching, and sore throat.
Also included within, are medicinal plants that can help control health conditions like diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), cardio vascular diseases, liver and kidney problems.
Somme medicinal plants listed are also helpful in treating a wide range of intestinal parasites, skin problems from leprosy, eczema, fungal infections and so much more.
And lastly, what’s great about this book is that it contains all the important things you need to know about a specific medicinal plant, what it is used for and how to use it””straight to the point and no fluff!
Download this book and learn about all the medical benefits from common plants.

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