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Memoirs of a Doctor by Dr Andrew C S Koh


Memoirs of a Doctor is an inspiring account of one medical doctor’s journey, both professionally and spiritually, as he strives to balance his faith with the demands of his profession. Written by Dr. Andrew C S Koh, this memoir offers readers an intimate and honest glimpse into the life of a doctor, from the joy of saving a life to the heartbreak of losing a patient.

Dr. Koh shares his journey of self-discovery and his spiritual awakening as he learns to embrace his Christian faith and discover the true meaning of his vocation. With raw and honest detail, Dr. Koh tells of his struggles and successes, providing a unique perspective on the life of a doctor that is both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

Memoirs of a Doctor provides a deeply personal exploration of faith, life, and death. It is a must-read for anyone looking for an inspiring and uplifting account of one man’s struggle to find balance and purpose in his life. Let Dr. Andrew C S Koh take you on his journey of faith, hope, and perseverance in Memoirs of a Doctor.

Dr. Andrew C. S. Koh shares his personal journey, from his birth in the 1950s to his retirement in 2020, in Memoirs of a Doctor. Through eight captivating chapters, readers experience the joys and struggles of his life, including photos and poetry that relate to the themes of each period. As he progresses, he shares valuable lessons and encourages readers to believe in God, excel, persevere, and overcome adversity. Dr. Koh’s memoir offers an honest and inspiring glimpse into a life filled with purpose and faith, while also highlighting the strength of the human spirit. It is a powerful and inspiring story of a life that is sure to touch readers of all ages. Pick up a copy and be inspired by the life of Dr Andrew C S Koh today

Genre: Non Fiction