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Memoirs of a Doctor by Dr Andrew C S Koh


The story began from 1952 until 2020, tracing back to the tough beginnings of the 1950s when life and society was very backward, industrialisation, computerisation, and social media was unheard of. Life was slow and leisurely, letters were sent and read through the postal service, and communication was slow and inefficient.

A truthful and insightful journey into the life of a doctor. An easy, engaging, interesting book to read at one go. A true, interesting, and colorful life story of an ordinary person who becomes a cardiologist with the help and guidance of the One True God. The panoramic view of a village boy to a city doctor, interspersed with beautiful poems, has shown how an honest, innocent young person faced and struggled in the ocean of many sophisticated and challenging turbulence. The author’s faith in Jesus Christ has become an oasis for him in the world of struggles, unending expectations, and stressful pressures. A book of great relief and comfort for the soul.

The author shares stories about his childhood, education, a career in different towns, marriage, family, loss of friends, close encounter with paralysis, travels, and his love for the Bible. The memoirs include some of his personal poem. Underlining the memoirs is his faithfulness to God, living out a productive and impactful life. At the end of the reading, you will find that God has been his faithful guide and shield all through his life.

This book will take you on a roller coaster ride through the turbulent time tunnel from 1952 to 2020, from Tanjong Malim across continents. It was undoubtedly an extraordinary journey of faith. It is an amazing experience going back into the past to enjoy the memories from down memory lane. The experience is personally enriching and at times painful. Memorable, well-written, enjoyable, and lovely memoir to touch lives.

The book provided glimpses of a doctor’s life through the years in a short, loveable, and easy-to-read book. He reminisced about the kind of life he used to live in the cities and villages in Malaysia before the arrival of social media. His varied experiences as a government, private, and military physician were a novelty to read as well.

An excellent portrait defining significant times such as childhood and adolescence, and the times he was touched by the grace of God. An interesting book, full of the spices of life, touching, sad, and sweet reminiscences of his past to stir the heart of any reader. Well-written with a few sweet little poems here and there. Passionate touches of God in his life gives great inspiration and encouragement to strive on.

From his humble beginning in a small village Tanjung Malim to retirement as a cardiologist in Ipoh in 2020, the author’s life, career, passion was and is moulded by God Almighty. God’s hand was evident all the way through success and through struggles in his life.

A beautiful narration of the author’s life story and journey of faith, written in simple English and easy to

Genre: Non Fiction