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Nutritional Pilates by Katrina Foe


You can’t prevent health problems if you don’t know there are any issues. Would you like to understand how to identify, address, and even eliminate these issues?

Through her cancer struggle, author Katrina Foe was frustrated and overwhelmed by all the contradictory information while facing the many challenges of finding answers. She didn’t know what to eat or who to turn to. Even in comparing sources of weight loss advice, she was presented with pure chaos in discerning what to do for lasting results.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with symptoms such as joint pain and weight gain that you can’t seem to get under control, there are potential root causes you probably have not heard about that may be hijacking your health. It’s not your fault. It’s just a lack of awareness.

Katrina wanted a guide on her path and a framework to finding vibrant health. It didn’t exist! Nowhere to be found was that one place to see the whole picture in a clear, concise way. But now there is! Are you ready for your roadmap for health?

Included in Katrina’s book Nutritional Pilates, you’ll discover:

Keys to balancing your muscles to prevent injuries, reduce pain, and look better! (Chapters 1 & 2)
How to problem-solve your insulin levels — and why that is KEY! (Chapter 3)
What might be blocking your best-laid plans when they are not working. (Chapters 7–10)
Six unexpected mechanisms that might be negatively impacting your success. (Chapter 6)
Ways to alleviate your body’s inflammation load. (Chapter 5)
Real-life case studies throughout that show the many ways challenges might show up in our lives.
Tools to sidestep chronic diseases such as dementia, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. (Chapter 4)
A step-by-step plan for action to create real results. (Chapter 11)
Bonus: A treasure trove of videos and handout resources online!
Katrina not only healed her own breast cancer, she also now helps others all over the world to reclaim their health. Today, she runs a well-known Pilates teacher-training program, Pilates Freedom, and her studio, Personalized Pilates. She also leads a group of functional practitioners with her innovative Cancer Freedom group program, 1:1 packages, and retreats.

If you’re ready to break out of your everyday aches and pains and let your health take wings and soar, scroll up and click “Add to cart”!

Genre: Non Fiction

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