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Path of the Taker by Simon Grund Sørensen


A classic YA adventure with epic powers and grand journeys.
“A Taker spreads fear, both among enemies and allies. Your powers will make you do things you will wish you hadn’t done.”

Aaron and Bria grow up in Great Oaks, a village far from the cruel grip of The Central Rule and their army of Givers. However, their peaceful lives change when The Rule attacks, and they have to find their own ways to survive in a world that seeks to either use them or destroy them.
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Dive into a deep world with epic powers that inspire and challenge the conscience of the characters as well as the reader. If you enjoy the work of authors such as Patrick Rothuss and Brandon Sanderson, then this book should be right down your alley. The book contains some violence, no sexual content, and is advised for young and adult readers 13+.

“When looking at the grand scheme of things, it can be hard to tell good from evil, right from wrong. But in the little everyday things, when we have to choose between helping and hurting, it becomes awfully clear” – Path of the Taker.

Path of the Taker is written by Danish author Simon Grund Sørensen. Next to his life as an author, Simon works as a medical researcher in Copenhagen and as a data science consultant. Simon’s writing is particularly inspired by great authors such as Ursula Le Guin and Brandon Sanderson, and his book ‘Path of the Taker’ takes the reader on a fast-paced journey across a world of unique magical powers, enemies, and friendships.

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