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Pathways Of Emotional Healing by Tom Sarsons


Do you want your suffering to end?

I have felt the anguish and fear you have been feeling.
Your days are overwhelming, and your nights are sleepless. You want the nightmare to be over.
You need someone you can trust when you are feeling broken and alone.

When my participation in my life was only making things worse, I chose to become the expert healer I needed.
Become your best healer by discovering these methods.
You set yourself free when you choose to heal your pain.

Be guided by these expert methods and activities:
Find relief for the causes of your symptoms
Feel safe at work and at home
Enjoy restful sleep
Build resilient mental fortitude
Feel capable, valued, joyful, loved
Create meaningful change
Receive 125 benefits for your needs

You will feel nurtured by this book, even if you don’t feel cared for or capable today.
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