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Performance Under Pressure by Sorin Dumitrascu


Performance Under Pressure: Change Your Attitude, Take Action and Manage Relationships by Sorin Dumitrascu, a guide to overcoming stress and excelling in high-pressure situations. This book outlines three simple strategies to achieve performance under pressure and provides readers with practical tools for managing their emotions, actions, and relationships under stress.

The first strategy outlined in Performance Under Pressure is developing the right attitude towards stress. The author emphasizes the importance of taking control of one’s emotions, establishing a sense of calm, and using self-talk to cultivate a “success mentality.” By adopting a proactive attitude towards stress, readers can learn to view high-pressure situations as opportunities rather than threats.

The second strategy is taking action under pressure. The author provides readers with practical tools for managing their thoughts and emotions, including a four-step technique for optimizing perception of situations. By learning to control their automatic thoughts, identify thought distortions, and revise their thoughts in a positive way, readers can reduce the negative impact of stress on their behavior and decision-making.

The third and final strategy is achieving relational performance under pressure. The author explores the four work styles and their typical reactions to stress, providing readers with insight into how to interact positively with colleagues and build stronger work relationships. Additionally, readers will learn a four-step technique for handling stressful interactions, including monitoring their feelings, replacing negative thoughts, and preparing to interact positively.

Overall, Performance Under Pressure offers readers a comprehensive guide to managing stress and achieving success in high-pressure situations. With practical tools and strategies for developing the right attitude, taking action, and managing relationships under stress, readers will be equipped to overcome challenges and excel in both their personal and professional lives.

Genre: Non Fiction

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