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Permaculture Gardening for the Absolute Beginner by Josie Beckham


Ready to unlock the secrets to a lush garden oasis, even if you’ve never held a trowel in your life? Tired of old, boring gardening books?
Ahhh, livin’ the dream. Your own delicious organic food forest growing right outside your window. A harvest so bountiful, it feeds you, your family, and the whole neighborhood. Year-round abundance. Yummy homegrown tomatoes. What a life!

Sounds like true wealth, doesn’t it?

And yet, sometimes, that dream can seem so far out of reach. Have you ever felt this way?

Anxious about depending on an unpredictable, overburdened food supply chain? Fed up with ever-increasing grocery prices and chemical-laden produce?

You want to break free! But you feel overwhelmed or underqualified, not sure you have enough space, money, or time. “Am I hopelessly stuck?!”

Permaculture comes in with solutions to all these problems by unveiling nature’s blueprint to a thriving garden that takes care of itself. And guess what? It works with any size space, or budget, and you don’t have to know a thing about gardening to get started.

In Permaculture Gardening for the Absolute Beginner, you will:

Discover the game-changing principles of permaculture and how to apply them to your life and garden right now, no matter how busy you are.
Master the art of tailored garden design, learning what plants work best in your unique setup, and building upon what you’ve already got.
Fully equip your gardener’s tool belt with 20+ strategic gardening techniques that can be used on any budget and in any space.
Go from clueless to confident gardener, learning how to garden from A to Z – from starting seeds, to caring for plants, and finally reaping your harvest.
Harness the power of resources already freely available to you – like rainwater, building materials, and even food scraps and pesky weeds.
Tap into your soil’s hidden potential by finding out exactly what’s going on underground and how to optimize your soil’s health.
Expand your micro-Eden by incorporating animal life into your design.
Multiply your time and harvest with hacks to extend your growing season, and preserve your seeds and crops, so you never have to be without fresh, organic food.
Fearlessly overcome any obstacle with all-natural strategies to combat pests, diseases, and common gardening setbacks.
Get 3 power-packed bonuses: comprehensive guides on companion planting, guild planting, and composting.

… And that’s just a taste of what’s inside.

You may be thinking, “Look, I’ve tried gardening, but my plants die when I look at them funny!”

Or maybe, you’ve delved into permaculture or gardening, but got turned away by complicated concepts, dense textbooks, heavy-handed extremes, and all-or-nothing approaches that make it seem like you have to change everything overnight.

If that’s you, hang on buddy! Don’t “throw in the trowel” just yet!

This book really is for the absolute beginner. We’re going to cover all the basics with an easy-to-digest, motivating, hold-you-by-the-hand appr

Genre: Non Fiction

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