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Posse of Thieves by Marc J. Reilly


Twin brothers and partners in crime, Peach and Tinman, were teenagers when they pulled their first caper. It happened at the Reno Historical Society, and they had a blast, except they didn’t score much. At least that’s what they thought at the time. Thirty-five years later, they discover that the old baskets they stole are national treasures and are worth a mountain of cash. What a crying shame they gave them away as gifts back then.

It’s a sore point neither can live with. Fortunately, the baskets have resurfaced and are back in the same museum. What’s a self-respecting crook to do? Steal them again, that’s what, and nothing will stand in their way!

Sadly, everything gets in their way, including maniacal guards, impregnable security systems, and an epic run of bad luck. But is that enough to stop our antiheroes from getting back what is unrightfully their ill-gotten gains?! Um, maybe?

Tune in now to find out how entertaining it gets when this lovable duo tackles impossible heists with hilarious results.

Posse of Thieves is the first installment of the popular comedy/caper Tinman Series. If you crave fast action, madcap adventure, and daring heists, don’t pass up this comedic gem by Marc J. Reilly.

Invest in your attitude. BuyPosse of Thievesand put a smile on your face today.

Genre: Non Fiction

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