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Renegade of Light by Sufani Weisman-Garza


Channeling a Voice From the Stars, A Renegade of Light!

Seeking communion with my highest self, God, and the cosmos, I spun like the whirling dervish in the hopes of unlocking the mysteries of life. Something in me shifted, yet I couldn’t be certain what. In silent meditation a voice in the static began to emerge, speaking words I could barely hear, until I tuned in. Wisdom, so powerful, I scarcely knew what to do with, but write it down. Channeled conversations came through me in another voice, and words I can’t remember saying, that explained the secrets of the universe, how to find peace, happiness, allow growth, remove fear and the secrets of some of the most asked questions about life, origins, mysteries, aliens, God, the Central Sun, the Universe and more. I had conversations with this voice from the stars, and I will never be the same. The question is, will you?

Genre: Non Fiction

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