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Revealing the Book of Revelation by Peter Bellone


Beyond a doubt, the Book of Revelation is a mysterious read, full of fascinating and mystical creatures such as a fiery red dragon with seven heads and ten horns. Then there are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and the ‘Bride of Christ,’ the ‘Two Witnesses,’ the ‘Man of Sin,’ and the ‘False Prophet! There is a demon named Apollyon, who is a significant player in an up-and-coming disaster, along with its followers, who appear as locusts and are charged with stinging people for five months, but for now, these demons are restrained at the river Euphrates. And there is ‘The two Beasts who set in motion all things that John speaks about, which bring in The Time of the End!
Why is this book so mysterious instead of being written in the plain language that we see within other epistles? Is the Book of Revelation some strange dream the Apostle John had while being held prisoner on the Isle of Patmos, or did John consume some Greek ‘kykeon’ and then authored this book believing he was actually in the throne room of God? Are there answers that will shed the light of understanding for all, or is the world doomed to wonder what John wrote in this utterly strange and fascinating book?
It is my intent to answer the many questions concerning this book of Revelation. However, I do so with no particular religion restraining me, nor using worldly knowledge that I authored this book. The answers and commentaries are straight out of the NKJV bible along with some logic and Godly understanding.
Certainly, you will not agree with everything I wrote, but do not compare my writing to your religious teachings. Instead, compare what I have written to your bible. I am positive that you will come away with a greater understanding of the great salvation that awaits all of humankind, regardless of one’s religious belief! In addition, God says that there awaits a blessing for all that read this Book of Revelation.

Genre: Non Fiction

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