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Small Talk Made Simple by Sidney Neel


Do you find yourself struggling to start conversations, and lack confidence when talking to new people?
Perhaps you have always struggled with social anxiety, and you are sick and tired of letting it impact your social engagements and friendships.
Or, maybe you were quite social in your younger years, but as you have gotten older you have become more socially anxious, and you want to revert back to your previous self.
Whatever the reason is, if you suffer from social anxiety, this book is a must-read.
Small Talk Made Simple discusses 31 different techniques that you can use to avoid social anxiety and lead to genuine conversations.
Say goodbye to awkward interactions and missed opportunities, and turn yourself into the life of every social event on the calendar.
Rather than leaving events wondering about what conversations you could’ve had if you were more confident, you will find it hard to leave the party at all, with people begging you to stay and tell more stories!
Isn’t it time you took back control of your social anxiety, and became a happier, more confident version of yourself?
Inside Small Talk Made Simple, discover:
What social anxiety is, and why so many people struggle with it.
How to better understand your social anxiety and build your confidence.
Insightful conversation topics you can use to kickstart chats with others.
How to go into any conversation with more confidence.
Effortless ways to leave conversations without feeling overwhelmed.
Grab a copy of Small Talk Made Simple today!

Genre: Non Fiction

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