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Spicy Pickle by JJ Knight


First, she tampered with my pickle.
Then, she got us both kicked off a cooking show.
Now, we’re fake engaged.
Sit back, friends, this is one crazy tale of treachery and pickle juice.

So, a few months back I created a new pickle.
It’s spicy.
Like, fiery hot.
It went viral in a big way.

Then along comes Magnolia Boudreaux.

She’s the daughter of a rival deli. She ends up a surprise guest on a cooking show I’ve booked, insisting her pickle is hotter.

Then she shows up on another show.
Then another.
Our feud becomes legendary, until it nearly ruins both our delis.

So I do the only thing I can think of to fix the problem.
I kiss her on national television.
And to top it?
We get engaged.

We’ve got the whole fake relationship down until she buys me a pickle cactus shaped like…well, I’m sure you can picture it.

And everything after that?
I made sure that she’s not faking a thing.
Spicy Pickle is a standalone romantic comedy in the Pickle-verse about a culinary feud, potent pickles, and a white-hot lesson in what goes around, comes around.

Genre: Non Fiction

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