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The Art of Getting Things Done by Vincent Santiago


In a world full of busy schedules, family time and unscheduled meetings, time is Gold.

Time is a very precious nonrenewable resource, and this is what you’ll hear from people who know the value of it. They say that the more you rush, the faster the time gets, and the more you wait, the slower it gets. The truth is that time will remain the same whether you rush or not. It really depends on the way you manage yourself. That is why self-management is key. It helps you become more organized, punctual, and a more effective person. The Art of Getting Things Done was created to serve those who lack in the “self-management” category. It also teaches you self-discipline and self-awareness in order to successfully manage all of your work, and have time for additional activities. But this is only scratching the surface! Much much more will be included in this simple, step-by-step guide.

In this book you’ll learn:

* The importance of a winning attitude

* How to create effective to-do lists the right way

* The 5 most powerful to-do lists that will save you time

* How to weigh your priorities

* How to remain calm amidst distractions

* The benefits of taking a break

* How to develop new habits for a more productive day

* How to stay healthy and attain prosperity

Time management might be a little tricky, but The Art of Getting Things Done provides a step-by-step blueprint to make life easy, more fun, and hassle free.

Thank you for your support, best of luck to you!

Genre: Non Fiction
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