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The Happiness Manual by Stas Arsonov


The Happiness Manual: A Guide to Your Daily Self-Mastery is an empowering handbook boasting a collection of inspirational stories and transformative practices designed to help you overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of experiencing more happiness in your life.

In this book, author Stas Arsonov brings the brightest minds of the transformation industry to show you how to free yourself from the conditioning that keeps you from getting everything you want from your life. The Happiness Manual provides simple strategies for creating happier relationships, doing work that fulfills you, developing an abundance mindset, and creating daily rituals to support your intentions throughout your day.

A wise person once said that co-creation with the Universe is a 50/50 deal—we do our part, and the Universe will take care of the rest. The Happiness Manual: A Guide to Your Daily Self-Mastery was created to help you fulfill your 50 percent of the deal.

Genre: Non Fiction

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