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The Money Game by Abraham Uys


Abraham has advised and coached some of the wealthiest people in the UK and has helped hundreds of people to plan effectively to make their dreams a reality. Wealth and Finance International awarded Abraham the coveted Financial Planner of the Year title in 2022. Now – using all his years of experience – Abraham has taken on the topic that all of us wrestle with: How to achieve financial freedom for ourselves and our loved ones.

Based on years of experience and conversations with some of the UK’s most successful businessmen and investment professionals, Abraham has created a simple 5 step process that anyone can use to achieve financial freedom.

Abraham has a colourful turn of phrase and does not pull any punches when discussing the many conditions holding people back. He uses stories from his own experience of advising the wealthy to illustrate his points, as well as easy to follow explanations to help readers understand the most complex financial concepts.

Abraham’s aim is to provide you with a simple process, made up of a few steps that are easy to follow and actionable. With his expert advice on building an achievable and ultimately successful financial plan, Abraham becomes a guide to the financially lost, clearing a path through the lies and misconceptions that can steer people away from achieving their financial dreams.

Abraham guides readers of all wealth levels through each of the steps to achieve and sustain financial freedom by creating an in depth financial plan. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge, financial tools and essential strategies that can help anyone to get their finances back on track.

The Money Game – 5 Steps to Financial Freedom is a book that contains within it the secrets that can set millions free from financial failure and hardship.

Genre: Non Fiction

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